Calculated Passwords

The practical way to password security

Your privacy is a central concern in the design of Calculated Passwords. This section will demonstrate how you can verify that no sensitive information ever leaves your browser.

This section examines the Calculated Passwords Gadget using Firefox browser's Work Offline feature. Other browsers, including Internet Explorer, offer similar functionality.

In the next tree steps we will see how the Work Offline feature works. Please select Work Offline in the File menu.

Now let's look up some text using gadget. We type a search phrase in the edit field and press Go button.

This request is sent to the server. Because we have disabled the Internet access in the Firefox, the search request fails with the displayed message.

The steps performed so far show how Work Offline blocks online access.

With online access currently disabled let's switch over to the Calculated Passwords gadget.

Now let's calculate a password with Calculated Passwords gadget. We type the secret master passphrase, select a Target Domain, and press Calculate button.

The calculated password is successfully produced, even without online access.

This shows that the password calculation request is processed entirely inside the browser.

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